Gorey TTF

I made this because I was looking for it and couldn't find it.

It's a TrueType font based on the distinctive hand lettering of Edward Gorey.

This is not the OgdredWeary font made by nondairy publishing. It is instead the serifed regular face drawn most commonly by Gorey in his books. I did not do a wonderful job with the spacing, so if you are working with an eye for detail please kern by hand.

Download Gorey.ttf (zip file, 20K, Ver. 1.1, 10/25/2005)

Please do not contact me regarding whether or not kern is a verb. Other questions entertained gladly. Due to knowledge dearth, I cannot help with any computers named after fruit. However! Version 1.1 of gorey.ttf has been repaired by Daniel Steinberg to work well with OSX.

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